The world's first Full-color UV-cured 3D inkjet printer by Mimaki

Excellent 3D printing results compared to conventional methods.

Mimaki offers the world's first 3D printer with 10 million colors and UV-curable inkjet printing.
The 3D-printer Mimaki [3DUJ-553] implements full-color modeling with the possibility of more than 10 million colors based on the technology developed by us 2D-inkjet printers used by professionals.

Examples of 3D-printing on Mimaki

Top quality color and accuracy. The joint work of the inkjet feed mechanism of polymer and paints!

Radically new technology!

The Mimaki full-color 3D printer [3DUJ-553] applied a UV curing inkjet system using the original Mimaki technology, which was accumulated in the development and production of professional inkjet printers over a long period.

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Mimaki is a great offer for the industrial market

The Mimaki 3D printer, [3DUJ-553] can satisfy professionals with the need to do full color and accurate modeling with high detail requirements in the final product, such as drawing, 3D maps and mockups. There is no post-processing operation.

Mimaki is a great offer for the market of design and graphics

[3DUJ-553] can be expressed in more than 10 million different full colors and increase the reproducibility of colors with the ability to adjust color using color profiles.

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